Cattery policy

The purpose of Cattery Från Stenfjällen is to breed healthy, socialized and characteristic Norwegian forest cats.

Kitten policy

Our kittens grow up with us in a homely atmosphere, with great care, love and attention. This makes them social and balanced animals.


What do our kittens get?

  • Family tree of NEOCAT
  • European passport
  • Kitten package
  • And of course our kittens are dewormed 3 times, vaccinated 2 times, and chipped


What we expect
When we sell a kitten we work with a contract that includes the rights and duties of both the breeder and new owner. The contract can always be requested in advance. Our kittens will leave as pets, not for breeding.

We only sell a kitten after a personal acquaintance and only to seriously interested people we think fit for our kittens. Our kittens can not walk freely outside. If you plan to do so, please do not contact us. For our kittens we are looking for houses that have a garden / deserted so that they can play safely outside. Norwegians are very social cats and we find it very important that there is a roommate in the form of another cat or dog.

Further information concerning the kitten
From the age of 4 weeks you are welcome to meet your new housemate(s).
Our kittens may move at an age from 13/14 weeks.
We regularly keep you posted with photos on our website and / or facebook page.

On our special available kitten page, you will find which kittens are still available. You can also see who there is an option or who have been discussed. With an option, it will only be official if the deposit has been made.
Available: Kitten is looking for a new owner.
Option: There is interest shown but nothing definitive yet.
Discussed/promised: The kitten is promised to the new owner and the deposit is completed.
On the day of departure, the kitten should be fully paid.

If you have further questions or concerns, you can always contact us.