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I am Karin Roijmans, and I live together with my husband, son and daughter in Steenbergen.
We are a small cattery with 1 male and 5 females, and labrador Max.

We mainly try to breed on health, and stay as close as as possible to the original breed standard. Once a year we try to cover all our females, so they all get a litter once a year. Incidentally, we are member of NEOCAT.

In May 2014, we bought our first Norwegian Forest Cat, Langlifis ok Heilla's Einar. We have become so in love with this beautiful natural breed that we bought our second Norwegian Forest Cat, in April 2015, Grethe Fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin.
In addition, we have expanded our cattery with 2 more Female's. In June 2015, Wild Cat's Gold Dust Woman Goldie has come to live with us. And in August 2015 we flied to Italy, to give Mondriaan Dei Gatti Vikinghi (a.k.a. Gunna) a new house.

In December 2016 we got our first litter from *Int. CH Langlifis ok Heilla's Einar X *CH Grethe Fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin and we have kept the 2 sisters Ayla & Adin Från Stenfjällen out of it. Here we started with breeding and we proudly setted up Cattery Från Stenfjällen.

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